November 23, 2011



I went back to Mrs. Vujic's class at Dickinson West in Hamtramck, Michigan.  We continued our talk about the values and gifts that each student bring into the classroom.  I gave them an update on the status of my books and their principal joined us to listen in on our discussion.  Their positive energy was amazing.  Also, their ability to vouch for the talents and gifts of other classmates showed that the community is actually benefitting from the gifts.  I was impressed.  I plan to go back again in February.

Before I left the classroom, I sat down at one of the desks and signed pieces of paper for the students.  Many of them wrote Famous Author near the line they wanted me to sign.  It was fun and funny.  This was my second unofficial book signing and it served as great practice for what will happen in he future. 

So, here are a few things I learned during the signing.

1) Always use my own pen.
2) Do not sign one for Ebay.
3) I better figure out how to write the cursive q in Marquin a little smoother.
4) Lines are still the easiest way to get every piece of paper signed.
5) I cannot wait to be able to sign my own books.

Thanks for reading.  Happy Holidays!


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