December 11, 2011

Publishing Progress


Wow, it has been a little while since I've updated things...

Since visiting Mrs. Vujic's classroom before Thanksgiving, I've been focused on just about everything except writing.  Yes, I have managed to write a few pages, but my productivity has been very low.

Meanwhile, I did get a chance to attend a continuity meeting with my Eastern Michigan Writing Project family.  I always enjoy meeting up with people that really inspire me to write.  The positive energy that we are able to create when we get together is amazing.  I only regret that we do not do it more often because I never get a chance to talk to everyone as much as I would like to. 

Also, I have been quietly working with a publisher to see if I can get Wrinkles Wallace: Knights of Night School out for the public.  On 10 DEC 11, I went to Cleveland, Ohio to sign my book contract.  Yes, a book contract.

This has been quite a journey.  What started as an idea that kept me up in the middle of the night, has become something that I believe will change my life.  I've spent so many hours writing, editing, revising, planning, talking, listening, deciding, creating, thinking, producing, pushing, reading, etc. 

I want to SCREAM!  I want to CELEBRATE!  I want to sleep.  I want May to hurry up so Wrinkles Wallace: Nights of Night School will finally be available for the public.  

More than anything, I want to thank everyone that has provided positive energy for my writing.  I know the words are easier to put together when I have positive energy around me. 

So, here's to dreams coming true!


Picture of downtown Cleveland:

A glimpse at the autograph signing in Mrs. Vujic's class:

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