November 2, 2011

Capturing a New Audience


Not much to report today.

I didn't fight it today.  I found some time and I used it to write.  I managed to type a few paragraphs and add some dialogue.  I even figured out a few new ideas that I could use to help write a better story.  I still haven't sat down to plan, but this is going well.

I am continuing to read WWKNS to my students at the end of the day.  I learn more about the book each time I read it.  The students were grossed out when they should have been and we had to stop at a great place.   

I also read an article about Boys and Literacy.  The article suggested that we need to get to know the interests of boys in order to help them embrace reading.  I really feel like the books I've written address those issues.

Thanks for reading.


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