October 22, 2011

Thinking of a Master Plan

Happy Saturday! 

Music. Eric B. and Rakim. Paid in Full.  Why?  I’m thinking of a master plan... Of how to get books in reading hands...
The sun is shining and the air is crisp. Michigan weather…

I’m back in the office.  I keep looking at the list of ten items and wondering why my writing isn’t going completely down that path. I mean, I am writing about some of the stuff, but it’s only portions of each item.  Maybe my items are too big.  Maybe I should have about 30 things on the list instead of ten.  I guess the execution of this plan will call for some improvising.  The more I think about it, the more I realize that this really is the hardest book I’ve written. 

Maybe it’s because some of the items on the list are things I just don’t feel like writing about.  Honestly, I haven’t thought of ways to tie those portions into what I have so I’m stalling on those and working on smaller stuff on the list.   Momentum…  So, after a quick writing session I was able to get three more pages.  I stopped there, but I wrote down a few more ideas (on the drawing pad) that will add to the quality of the story. 

This is getting interesting for me as a writer.  I keep asking myself questions.

How much more will I add to what I thought would be enough?

Are my new plans bigger than the book needs to be? (Just thought of something and went to write another sentence in the book.)

Will what I add set up the ending any better than what I originally planned?

When are you going to start writing the more difficult parts?

Will I be able to finish this in the next two weeks?


Thanks again for reading.


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