October 23, 2011

Entering the 4th Quarter


It’s Sunday.  It is the 1st day of the week.  It is the 21st day of this process.  I'm 90 pages deep into this journey.  I believe Wrinkles Wallace: Rights of Writers is in the 4th quarter.

After submitting yesterday’s blog, I read a Jerome Stuart Nichols’ article in the Eastern (Michigan) Echo about rapper/poet/actor/author Common coming to the Student Center and giving an inspirational message to the crowd. 
The Nichols’ article quotes Common saying, “When you have a light, and we all got light, you ain’t supposed to keep it under the table,” he said. “You got to put on so that everyone can see it. You can’t be afraid to wear your greatness.”

The last three books I’ve finished all have ended while I was listening to a loop of a certain Common line.  In the song, They Say, Common says, “Writin’ for my life ‘cause I’m scared of a day job.”  I end each book with those words repeating over and over.  Those words speak to me on so many levels. 

So, with the Common article fresh in my head, I looked over my notes and started typing again.  4 pages later I had managed to add some humor while solving another small problem.
When midnight hit, I changed the color of my writing, marked the next chapter with today’s date, and kept going.  I managed to write another four pages that presented another problem and an unorthodox solution that could lead to more problems.  I finally stopped at page 90 of the book.  Not bad for three weeks of writing.

I took the rest of the day to relax and read.  I’ll be ready to tackle more tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.

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