October 21, 2011

Moving on up...


I certainly hope all is well with everyone.  I’m fine.

Today’s update is brief.

I recently changed my writing location.  I left my spot at the kitchen table and moved upstairs to write in the office.   Yes, to the deluxe forth bedroom in the sky.  While I was up there I set up an old stereo and found some old scratched CDs in the desk drawer that I managed to let skip while I wrote.  Silas, joined me upstairs and continued to check on my progress by resting his massive head on my thigh. 

The writing for today went well. I took a look at my list and managed to make progress on one of the ten items left to write about.  Some of what I wrote today may cause me to lose some stuff that I previously wrote.  I think I’m exchanging one of my previous pages for the three that I was able to create today.  I honestly think things will be improved with what I have now.

Thanks for reading.

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