October 12, 2011

Writing for Now & Later


Music = A, B, & C selections: 
A) Young Jeezy, D Boyz Instrumental
B) Jay Z & Kanye West, Otis Instrumental
C) Jay Z and Kanye West, No Church in the Wild Instrumental

I started my writing session with the trumpets blaring. Hawaii 5-0 speedboat style writing was my initial musical mood.  I favor instrumentals with brass instruments because I’m a former trombone player. BRASSY! 

Things are really coming together.  This is one of those times when I’m ten fingers deep into a book and a solid idea for the next book begins to flood my brain to the point where I had to have to start adjusting how I write this book.  I also had to start thinking about clues from past books that might tie into this new idea for the next book in the Wrinkles series.   

That’s when I switched the music to the Otis instrumental and had him talking about how it’s easier… and you won’t regret it.... I know Otis Redding wasn’t talking to me, but the part I focused in on solidified my decision.  With Otis singing and the grunts/screams of the beat, I started shifting and planting more seeds in my writing to make it easier to write my way into the future of the series.  I reread what I wrote yesterday and added a little more where it fit.  That’s when I started to ask myself, “What if I…”  The answers to those questions usually allows me to connect my books together for the readers.  I want to be able to say, “Remember in book 2 and 3 when ___ said/did ____? Well, that's why this happens in book 5.”

Lastly, with NCW playing, I dove deeper into developing a new character.  I am still trying to find the balance it takes to make him become someone that isn’t initially liked, yet he still will manage to speak a fair amount of the valid truth.  This can be difficult because I have to walk the line of creating a semi-villain that can eventually improve.  And, it has to be BELIEVEABLE to my target audience.  I want them to say, “I remember when that happened to me and people didn’t see it my way.”

At the end of this writing session, 5 more pages were added to the book.  Tomorrow should be interesting.  Disappointment is on the way...

Thanks for reading.


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