October 11, 2011

Truth and Banter


Music = A & B selections
A) Outkast, Liberation instrumental
B) Dr. Dre, Bad Intentions instrumental.

While listening to Liberation, I spent much of the late morning and early afternoon reflecting on where I’ve come from as a writer/educator.  Liberation is one of those songs I listen to when I self-evaluate.  It makes me feel like I’m inhaling honesty and exhaling truth on a brisk winter day.  My thoughts focused on a time when I really began to embrace my creativity and use it to help my students.

During my first year of teaching, I had the honor of sharing my classroom with someone that had successfully made the connection between subject matter and students.   Working together, we were able to make magic in the classroom.  Today, we chatted at a local bagel shop.  Sometimes talking about the past, connecting on the current events, and planning on the future can lead to that refreshing feeling we need to continue on our journey.

Later in the day, with the Bad Intentions instrumental playing through the headphones, I had mischief on my mind.  The sounds of teasing, laughing flutes, over driving strings and guilty drums seemed fitting for my writing mood.  I’m creating a problem and working towards solving another.  As the characters banter back and forth, the goal is for readers to really hear voices and buy into the moment.

Writing in this lane usually has me walking a fine line.  I want to be edgy and press the envelope, but I have to make sure my created conflict is reasonable.  I want my student readers have fun reading. I want them to burst out laughing during silent reading and have that noise cause other students to want to read my books.

I believe I accomplished that that in my three pages of progress. 
Thanks again for reading.


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