March 3, 2013

Mathis Community Center Visit


I hope all is well. Me?  I'm steady!

Author talks and visits are always a pleasure to do.  They always teach me something new while I am sharing with an audience.  My talk at the Mathis Community Center in Detroit (02 Mar 13) was no different. 

I had the pleasure of sharing the story of writing Wrinkles Wallace: Knights of Night School with a group of young men who spend their Saturdays building themselves in a positive way. I read an excerpt from the book and then answered some questions. 

As the guys shared their own stories of success and obstacles, I found myself very proud to hear about their passions and provide some advice that could be used to help overcome some of those obstacles. With anyone trying to make dreams happen, there are going to be people in our life who don't quite understand the plans. In addition, there are also our own mental roadblocks that we endure. Self-doubt. Negative thoughts. The inability to get those types of voices out of our head can be detrimental to reaching our goals.

Trips to places like the Mathis Community Center allow me to give and receive at the same time. I know I answered some important questions, and I was also honored to hear how good young men can come together to create positive learning communities. I wish each one of them well as they pursue their dreams!

Thanks for stopping by!

Marquin Parks

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