August 26, 2012

My Eastern Michigan University Press Release

Family! I hope all is well.  It’s a pleasure to have you reading. 


On 29 June 12, I was contacted by the Media Relations department of Eastern Michigan University to do an interview with them about Wrinkles Wallace: Knights of Night School.  My book had barely been out, and at that time, it was trending at #13 on  WWKNS was right behind the latest Wimpy Kid book, and I was (and still am) on cloud nine.  Years of hard work, dreaming, sacrifice, creativity, etc. were beginning to pay off, and the EMU email was proof.  After exchanging a few emails and coordinating a time, we had everything ready to do the interview.

I arrived on campus in early July and could hardly contain my excitement.  Sure, I’ve walked the EMU campus plenty of times, but something about being interviewed about my book made that particular trip extra special.  When I walked in the office to do the interview, I was slightly nervous, but I realized I had been waiting for so long to have something like this happen.  I remember taking a few subtle deep breaths and sharing my story with the writer.  As I sat there talking, the memories kept flooding to my brain. I had visions of the days when I would share chapters with my students, how it felt to finish in the top four in the Michigan Elementary Middle School Principals Association contest, attending the Eastern Michigan Writing Project and how much I was able to write while participating in that experience.  When we finished, I was introduced to the great people that make things happen in the Media Relations department. 

I left campus feeling great. And, over the course of the next few weeks, I was able to submit more information about how things were going with the book.  As the weeks passed, I continued to get more excited.  I wanted to share what happened with people, but I didn’t want jinx myself.  Actually, I tried to forget about it and focus on Author Talks and Signings that I was doing, but I couldn’t.  When I did hear back from the Media Relations, the story was just about complete and I was asked about a photo to add to the Press Release.  Yeah, a photo.  Sure I had photos, but nothing that would be worthy of a Press Release.  So, we scheduled a photo shoot on campus.

If you know me, you know that I’m not Mr. Photo Shoot.  I mean, I don’t mind dressing up because my job requires us to do that, but a photo shoot is something totally different.  What do you wear? What will the weather be like? Where will the pictures be taken?  Once I selecting two outfits, I was ready.  After about an hour touring around the campus, the photo shoot was over and things went pretty well.  We ended up with 155 pictures and I managed to narrow those down to two that seemed to best fit how I was described in a review of my book.  Once the pictures were selected, it was time to release the Press Release.  When the Press Release was out for the world to see, I read it and looked at the pictures.  Then, I let out a roar that had our Bullmastiff wondering if I had lost my mind.  Then he stood up and walked out of the room.

While sitting alone, I reflected on what had just happened.  I had a UNIVERSITY, known for producing quality teachers, backing Wrinkles Wallace: Knights of Night School.  Seriously, how often does that happen?  So, I’d like to thank everyone who was involved in making this happen. 

Thanks for reading and sharing this experience with me.  Click HERE to read the Eastern Michigan University Press Release.  Also, feel free to share this with organizations and people that you feel would benefit from Wrinkles Wallace: Knights of Night School and the rest of the series.  Let’s spread the word!


Photo shoot pictures that made the Press Release:

PS A chapter from The Misunderstanding of Alexander the Grate is coming soon… Stay tuned.

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