August 26, 2012

2 Author Visits

Greetings! I hope all is well. Sorry for the delay, but things have been pretty busy as of late. Thanks for stopping by.  Me, I’m STEADY!
On August 13th & 15th, I did Author Visits with groups of boys who participated in book clubs and read my book.  Going to meet with readers is always interesting because I have been dreaming about this for so many years.  While sitting with the fellas, I was able to ask and answer questions about the book. They asked about why I wrote certain parts and I shared some behind the scenes information on the toe-food part of the book.  They shared their favorite parts and characters with me and I was able to get feedback that will help me to add some small details to future books.

During my visit I noticed how new readers always seem to focus on things in the book that were small to me, but larger to them.  Apparently, the lion in the beginning of the book had more significance to readers than I thought it would.  While I merely wanted to write about something that would motivate students to get to class on time, the fact that my book has a lion that might end up eating a student is certainly something that has captured their attention.  It’s a good thing the lion will make another appearance in book four. 

This attention to elements of the story that were not as important to me has me thinking of how I can include Tiny and the lion in the future.  If you have read the book and have any suggestions, please comment at the bottom.  I was thinking about writing occasional short stories for this blog that would provide small updates on both of them.  What are your thoughts?
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PS Stay tuned for the EMU Press Release Blog and a chapter from a future book.

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