July 3, 2012

Purchasing MY Own Book

Greetings!  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope all is well with you.  Me, I'm steady.

Today was the day.  In fact, this morning was the time. 


I logged on to my dusty amazon.com account and entered Wrinkles into the search.  I found my Wrinkles Wallace: Knights of Night School below the most popular book with the word "Wrinkle" in the title.  In time...  I clicked on WWKNS, put 4 in the shopping cart, and entered the codes for the $50 in amazon.com gift cards that were given to me by some great students. 

Now I wait.

Now I wait for my own book to come in the mail.  I've been waiting for so long that it almost seems like I'm dreaming. 

Since my last post, a few things have been happening.  I have officially decided to NOT write the Misunderstanding of Alexander the Grate 2 over this summer. As much as I would like to be in my writing zone, clicking away on this very laptop that is resting on my lap, I realize that I need to be spreading the word about WWKNS.  While I can think of at least three people that are going to be disappointed with me for not finishing M.A.G. 2,  I had to accept the fact that there may not be a need for book six if book one does not find its way into the hands of readers.

Since the last blog, more people are seeing WWKNS in various online locations and some are purchasing.  We have sent off some signed copies and we are starting to get feedback from readers. 


After years of having this book inside my brain or locked under password and keystroke on my computer, WWKNS is online and being delivered to addresses around the country.  Wrinkles and the crew have been on vacations to Florida, Mall of America,and a few other private locations.  They have been read in bed and learned about over night.  One purchase has turned into a 1:1 classroom purchase.  Plans on how to use the book in the classroom are developing during a time of the year where educators are known to be closer to a comet than a a classroom. Wrinkles was trending at #13 on Barnesandnoble.com and was second only to a Wimpy Kid book.  We made the top 10 in sales and sat at the table with the Patterson-Kinney-Rowling-Russell crew.  We met Michael Baised and he has a signed copy.  He even complimented the cover.  We joined forces with the Mighty Erin Klein to participate in 2 giveaways to support reading and educators.  We went to EMU to talk about doing something with the Public Relations department.  As an author, these things blew me away.

Yet, the most important part of all of that is that WWKNS is connecting with people.  Shopping carts were getting used.  Buyers were buying.  Winners were winning (signed copies). Mail is being delivered. Readers were reading.

Thanks you all for the support.  Thanks for the calls, text messages, tweets, facebook comments and likes, emails, and pictures.  They really mean a lot to me.



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  2. Marquin-
    I just ordered mine! I can;t wait to read it and then share it with my kiddos this fall! What are the plans for the next book (I know, you are still basking in the glow of first book)...I know from all the buzz I am reading, this is going to be a HUGE hit with the kids.

    Tales From A 4th (and 5th) Grade Teacher

  3. Patti,

    Basking in the glow... I have to be told to stop and celebrate. Book one comes out and I am thinking about book six. I need to get these books to kids asap. During and afterr participating in the 2011 Eastern Michigan Writing Project, I accepted myself as a writer and found myself in a prolific writing zone for about 6 months.

    Books 2, 3, and 4 were finished in that six month period. Book four spins into the first book of another series. It has also written finished during that six months. My goal is to release anew book every 6 - 9 months.

    If you want to know about my writing process, check out the initial posts for this blog. I used it to chronicle how I wrote book four of the series in 25 days.