April 5, 2012

EMU Author Talk Recap

Well hello there!
Thanks again for stopping by and reading.  I hope all is well in your world.

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All is going well with me. 

I did an author talk that I am very proud of and I want to share the experience.

Yesterday I went to Eastern Michigan University as an invited guest in Jessica DeYoung Kander’s Harry Potter and Children’s Literature classes that meet on Wednesdays at 8 and 9:30 in the morning.  Morning classes… 

In the Harry Potter class, it was great to hear the lively discussion on how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us.  The students were engaged in some serious dialogue and their thoughts on how society can be improved showed how their generation can and will help us all to grow and be supportive of each other.
The Children’s Literature class allowed me to share some of my experiences as a writer and I read three chapters of my book to them.  I talked about the writing process, obstacles and encouragement during my journey, character culture (or the lack of…), following your talents and dreams with a passion, etc.  They asked great questions and gave positive feedback about the direction of the WWKNS movement.  It was a very humbling experience to be able to share with such a great group.    

I want to THANK Jessica and both of her classes for welcoming me into the room 113 learning community.  Good times.


  1. Thanks for coming into my class! When are you having your book signing?

  2. Amber_lynne,

    It was a wonderful experience. We are still working on finalizing the release date and the book signing. I'll be making more announcements on this blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Stay tuned!

    Marquin Parks