October 14, 2011

Planning and Continuity


Today was a planning day.  I broke out the drawing book and recorded what I have written.  I also worked to fill in the blanks with plans for the future.  I asked myself a few questions and really tried to imagine where the story will end up going.  It's almost like I can see the sun coming up on the horizon.

After completing the planning I decided that was enough writing for the day.  In addition, I have decided to take a few days off.  I feel good about my progress and I really think I can  be finished within two weeks.  I also try to listen to the strategies of accomplished writers that have told me that sometimes we need to walk away from writing or problem solving and come back with a clear mind.  So, right now, I'm trusting Marissa Moss and Jerry Spinelli.

Another reason for my writing hiatus came from the fact that I had a continuity meeting with my fellows from the EMWP.  I've been looking forward to this meeting since July.  It was wonderful to see all those that were able to make it.  It appears that everyone is doing well and moving in positive directions.  I just hate that there is never enough time to talk to everyone.

During the meeting we were asked to find something to connect to the common core standards. I am going to see how many of the standards connect with my books.  I believe that doing so will allow Wrinkles to become even more important in the classroom.

Alrighty, thanks for reading!


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