October 30, 2011

Addicted to Writing.


Okay, so I officially can't quit writing. I'm addicted.  I'm trying to calm it down, but ideas are still floating through my brain.  They won't stop.  I purposely did not look at my drawing pad because I'm trying to relax and NOT plot out how I want the next Wrinkles book to go.  I mean, I already have the major ideas, but I need to direct my focus in other areas.  I told myself that starting the next Wrinkles Wallace book can't happen if I don't start planning it in the drawing pad.  Or can it?

With the next Wrinkles book NOT getting started, I looked at an email I sent myself about two weeks ago.  See, two weeks ago, I started writing a picture book called, A Dress Fit for the Princess.  It is another picture book that will go with Juice Fit for the Princess.  Today I worked on it for a little while and I managed to finish it.  This book, like Juice, rhymes and would be great for younger grades.  I could take this book to Mrs. Korinek's class and do another activity that has students connecting pictures to text.  In addition, it could serve as another book to use in a workshop that allows teachers to do activities like this in the classroom.

So, I'm at 5 children's chapter books and 2 children's picture books.

I also managed to take a brief look at the Common Core Standards app on my phone.  I looked at the English Language Arts Reading section for 5th grade.  So far, each of the five children's chapter books fit into 9 of the 10 Reading Literature standards.  The books and this blog could also help to meet all ten Writing standards, 5 of 6 Speaking and Listening standards,  and all 6 Language Standards.

Not bad!

Thanks for checking in.

ps  Here is a picture of me reading Juice Fit for the Princess to Mrs. Korinek's 1st Grade class at Cornerstone Elementary School in Dexter, Michigan.

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