October 4, 2011

Found a book I've been looking for...


Headphones? Check.

Music?  Check.

Jay Z's Run This Town  jazz instrumental?  CHECK!

There’s nothing like hearing the jazz version of a good hip hop instrumental.   Hearing those jazzy instruments reminds me of my summer days at Interlochen Summer Arts Camp and Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp.

Today was active outside of my own writing. 

When I became a finalist in the 2009 MEMSPA Author’s Contest, I decided to attend the banquet no matter if I won or lost.  While I did not end up winning, I don't feel like I lost.  Finishing in the top four was definitely something to be proud of.

At the banquet, I managed to network with other attendees.  I was able to share my reason for attending and talk about my book.  By just attending, my unpublished book had introduced me to a larger audience and helped to raise my income when I eventually went to work with two of the principals I met at the event.  In addition, I was able to participate in the Local writers place in contest article written by Jana Miller of Heritage.com.
While I have continued to write and work on getting Wrinkles Wallace: Knights of Night School published, I have always wanted to read the book that won the contest.  Today I found out that the book that won had a new title and was available on amazon.com.  I quickly placed my order for a new copy of Brad Gallagher’s Escape from Zobadak and I’m looking forward to reading and supporting good writing.  Seeing Brad’s book available online certainly motivates me to continue on my path to being published.

After I purchased my copy, I worked on a few small revisions for an old picture book that I plan to read to a 1st grade classroom in Dexter, Michigan.  I hope the 1st graders enjoy Juice Fit for the Princess.  A few years ago, a co-worker and I did a reader’s theater performance of JFP while my writing partner read the book to about 200 hundred students.  I still remember dressing up in my silk pajamas and acting like I was the Inventor in the book that needed to make fresh squeezed pickle juice for the Princess.  Good times! 

As for WWROW... I managed to get 4 more pages of material in 60 minutes. Honestly, I feel like those four pages aren't good enough.  I worked on a kitchen scene with Grandma Wilbur and Wrinkles, but it didn’t excite me and I don’t think it would excite my audience.  Plus, it would leave me in a difficult position if I tried to tie it in to what I had previously written.  I might end up sending this part to the end of the book and seeing if I need it later.  Sometimes I have to do that… 
Better luck tomorrow.


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