October 7, 2011

Dreams and Land mines.

Well hello there!

Song: G Unit’s G Unit instrumental

I woke up this morning after dreaming about missing a plane.  In the dream, no matter how hard I tried to get to the plane to go home, I still couldn’t get to the boarding gate.  Upon waking up, I Googled dreaming about missing a plane. The site I went to said:

To dream of missing flight means you are overwhelmed with work or other activities and you sense you lost control of time (missing flight is a sense not being able to be on time somewhere). You are just not able to cope with time schedules and deadlines. No matter what you do. It all is too much, and too fast.

I read their explanation a few times and decided that they were wrong. Yeah, I’ve set a deadline to be finished with this book in a month, but that has nothing to do with me being out of control.  Instead, it tells me that I am in control.  It tells me that I’m the one that is deciding when I will complete this book.   See, procrastination is my business, and business I has always been good.  I have always felt I excelled by waiting until the very last minute to complete a lot of tasks.  So, normally, if I set a deadline for one month to finish something, I’d start it with a week left and really pressure myself to finish it.  Then celebrate with myself about how well I responded to pressure.

At the start of today’s progress I wanted to reread what I wrote yesterday and compare it to my notes from the drawing book.  A quick mental Venn diagram let me know that I missed some of the details that I intended to put in yesterday’s writing.  So, I started there. I added to yesterday’s writing and stopped. 

Lunch Break.

Later I was as able to tie in the last little bit of previous writing to where I was.  At this point, the story is based on my current visions and information that I did not know when I wrote the first few pages years ago.  With the constant piano notes clanging on the offbeat of the G Unit instrumental and the groove of the baseline, I felt my fingers start to pluck words out of the sky to write the dialogue for the five people involved in this scene.  I usually have an idea of what needs to be said and I figure out who needs to say what. This process helped me to add a little bit of humor and keep the progress moving along. The supporting cast in this book has agreed to provide help Wrinkles and we are on our way to learning how that help might solve the problems.

My inspiration for problem solving in this particular book comes for the Dalai Lama quote:

The road to happiness is rigged with land mines. These are destructive emotions that cause pain and suffering and can be triggered at any time by people whose minds are not trained to apply antidotes to overpower the negative with the positive.”

I believe that Wrinkles and I both will have to overcome land mines to fulfill our obligations by the end of the month.  My antidotes are coming from writing/thinking every day and knowing I can get this finished by my deadline!

I thank you for your time and support through this experience.

4 more pages added…


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