October 9, 2011

A Day off and Skipping


Today’s writing was inspired by the Erykah Badu, Window Seat instrumental.  Something about that piano and the melody made me close my eyes and do a lot of typing without looking out at the world.

I took Saturday off from major writing.   I still managed to organize a few thoughts in my head and reread what I wrote on Friday.  I added a few words to that section and used the rest of the day to spend away from writing.  I’ve been writing strong for a while and it was time to take a day off.  I needed to live in the real world and see what that did for my writing.

Living in the real world involved going to a birthday party for a 4 year old at a skating rink.  There is nothing in the world like watching little kids attempt to get from one place to the other on skates.  The look of determination in their eyes quickly changes when faced with the fact that they are about to fall.  Arms flailing and legs contorting is no way to be introduced to the floor, but the fact that they always fight to get back up is something that everyone can appreciate.

Today I finished writing on what I thought about yesterday.  I managed to produce 4 pages and I’m setting myself up for some humorous situations.  Then I realized my mind is not ready to keep going in chronological order.  Honestly, I’m not in a funny mood and I haven’t finalized what I want to do in this next section.  So, instead of forcing the issue and wasting my time, I decided to skip to a different section to write about something else.  I skipped to an emotional chapter in the book that will focus on losing and wrote 2 more pages.  I am hoping this skipping will help to trigger more thoughts on how to get to the end in more of a structured fashion.  

With the new target to aim at, I will probably go back to my drawing book and work on how to plot the course of what will happen in different areas of the book.  My plan is to increase my productivity.  I mean, it has only been a week since I started to focus on this book and things are going well.  I started with 9 previously written and added about 32 new pages this week.  With my 4.5 pages per day average, and 25 days to meet my self-imposed deadline, I could make it there without too much trouble.  I think more plotting my thoughts will have to be done in order for that to work.  Only time will tell.


ps  If you ever have any question, feel free to respond and I’ll try to answer them in the next blog.

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