March 12, 2014

My 3rd Annual Eastern Michigan University Author Visit

Greetings!  Thanks for stopping by.

I hope all is well with you.  Me?  I’m steady!

On 17 February 2014, I made what has become my annual Author Visit to several literature classes at Eastern Michigan University.  Each year, I get really excited about the opportunity to talk to undergraduate students about writing and teaching.  I typically share my journey through writing my first novel, finding publishing, and make connections to what they are learning in class.

While each year and class I visit provides new and unique experiences, this year really kept me smiling throughout the entire day.  See, when I visit a new group of people, I like to sit with them until it is my time to share.  As I sit in the crowd, I am able to take the pulse of the environment, overhear how students feel, and sometimes I can find out if they are looking forward to the speaker.

This year I had the opportunity to listen to numerous, impressive presentations on the benefits of multicultural literature in the classroom.  Watching students share their findings, and then dig deeper into the world of multicultural literature was very motivational.

In addition, while blending in and sitting in the back row of a lecture hall, I overheard a small group of students who wanted the unknown guest speaker (me) to be good and not take up too much of their class time.  I sat there smiling, with a refreshed understanding of the fact that tuition and time are very costly.  So, when I was introduced, I stood, flashed a sly smile at the group of learners who gave me the guidelines for success with them, and I marched down the stairs to give my all.  And, I like to think I gave them what they wanted, AND what they needed…

Enjoying a good laugh with the audience. 

Reading an excerpt from Wrinkles Wallace: Knights of Night School.

 Making sure I was good and timely.

Thanks for reading!

PS  March is reading month! Stay tuned for more blogs on my appearance at the Michigan Reading Association’s annual conference and the numerous Author Visits I have planned for this month.  


  1. So excited to be a stop on your 2014 author tour!

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