July 14, 2012

My Recent Author Visit Events

Greetings!  I hope all is well with you!  Me, I'm steady!

Earlier this week, Aimee and Bill invited me back to Eastern Michigan University to speak as a writer.  There's no way I can thank them enough for the invitations.

On the 11 July 12, I spoke at Inkstains and on 13 July 12, I spoke at the Authors' Day through the Eastern Michigan Writing Project.  I'm still adjusting to being a published author.  See, I can talk about writing, but being introduced as an author still makes me feel like I'm dreaming.  I like that feeling.

Inkstains was a chance to go into a circular room and encourage young writers.  They were middle school students that signed up for a week of intensive writing.  My objective for them was to allow them to be themselves and showcase how well they observe.  We did an exercise that involved judging my book by its cover.  I was amazed to hear their responses.  Many of them were dead on and very intuitive with their thoughts.  Plus, their writing about my characters blew my mind. I shared my interpretation on the characters and answered some very critical questions.  The energy in the room was amazing and the hour flew by quickly.  Some kids even stayed around so I could sign their composition books.  My autograph... Again, I'm still adjusting to being a published author.

The Authors' Day event was near and dear to me. I had the chance to be a part of a panel of published writers that were there to share our publishing story and answer questions from an audience.  Sitting in front of the group of strong writers and telling my story of just how hard I've worked to get to where I am was cool.  More importantly, it is always great to see the path of other people that  had similar goals.  My fellow panel people both had unique stories of being diligent about their craft. Plus, we learned, encouraged, and supported each other.  The audience was great and their questions/suggestions helped us as well.

After the panel talking and question answering, people went into the hallway, bought books, and brought them up to us to sign.  Just seeing numerous Wrinkles Wallace: Knights of Night School books available for anyone that wanted to buy it made me smile.  Again, my book is out for the public to read!

Once they came back in the room I began using my signature that I've secretly been working on in order to have it ready for just the right occasion.  So, when the books started coming my way, my capital M and P were both sturdy and my signature was steady.  The messages for each book were cool as well.  All in all, it was a great experience.

While sitting at Starbucks and reflecting on the last few days, I cannot help but think of how far things have come over the past five years.  And, suddenly, I am reminded of the fact that I have so much more to do.  I have so many things to work on and finish. There is so much progress to make in order to get to where I plan on being.  Events like Inkstains and the Authors' Day help me to get closer to those dreams. 

Special thanks go out to the entire Inkstains camp and the Eastern Michigan Writing Project.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for the support.



  1. Thank you again for speaking at Inkstains. The kid's exit surveys had them gushing about how much they learned from you; you were a strong favorite!

    1. Aimee,

      It was an honor to be able to share writing with them. It was so cool to hear the great writing they produced in 7 minutes. I wish we had more time to write and share.

      Thanks again for inviting me to be a part of such a great program.