March 26, 2012


Yeah, it has been quite some time.  I apologize.


Over the past few months I've been doing revisions for my debut book.  In addition, I've been working on networking with various people at conferences to learn more about why boys are behind girls in reading.  I feel like the more I know about this issues, the more I can make sure I work to help when I publish books.

So, during the National Reading Recovery conference, I listened to teachers that have created blogs and book lists for students in my target audience.  I also listened to Jack Gantos speak about how his writing progressed over the course of his early career.  In those sessions I was able to find more nuggets of what it will take for me to truly reach my audience.

About a month after attending the National Reading Recovery conference, I attended the Michigan Reading Association conference.  I was able to sit in on some amazing sessions that were designed to help me be a better educator and writer.  Presenters of the sessions I attended were superb.  Erin Klein of,  Eric Simmons of, Donalyn Miller and her Book Whispering and  Nerdy Book Club, Frank Serafini and his ways to get boys to read, Alan Sitomer and how he listens to his students to connect his books to their experiences, Leonard Pitts and his Stupid Giant, etc.  They all gave me a piece of themselves in order to help me become better.

Meanwhile, during the conference, I managed to always be wearing a shirt that was related to Wrinkles Wallace.  My goal was to do some subtle marketing while I was there and it worked.  Throughout the entire weekend, people were asking me about my shirts.  Some lady even took my picture so she would remember the title. 

After returning from MRA, I began looking at books that were suggested by some of the presenters.  I read Big Nate, The Forth Stall 1 & 2, and The Strange Case of Origami Yoda.  Each one of them were strong books that were based in schools and popular with middle grade boys.

Lastly, May is coming.  May is the month that Wrinkles Wallace: Knights of Night School will be released on Amazon, Kindle, and at Barnes and Noble.  May is right around the corner.  Needless to say, I've been doing final edits and working selecting cover art for the book.  I only get one chance to release my first book and I want everything to be right.  Yet, the more I think about WWKNS, the more I'm thinking about how I hope to do some writing this summer.  My goal is write The Misunderstanding of Alexander the Grate part 2 when I'm not promoting WWKNS.


Well, because I miss writing.  I miss the creative process and planning involved with being able to develop the characters and situations for my readers.  I miss being able to stay up late and vibe to instrumentals while I'm crafting pieces of a puzzle.  I want to see if I can write another book in under thirty days.  2 books in one summer?  Am I up for that type of challenge?  I mean, I did finish 4 books in six months. 

Or, will I be way too busy to be writing because I'm out promoting the book that is available to the public.  Will my days be spent networking and marketing to get this grass roots project off the ground?  Whatever the case is, I know each step puts me closer to where I plan on being.  Honestly, I'm okay with that.

Thanks for tuning back in.  I'll try to be more frequent as thing begin to unfold.


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